Capricorn Dancers, Day 46 – Loving the architecture of Rockhampton

Day 46 Sunday 11/7/21 Rockhampton, warm 23

The Prado’s leave to take up their site at Mulambin. ‘Kim’ being an electrician fixes our faulty reading light and in the afternoon we venture into the CBD for a walk around the city and it’s picturesque riverfront. Being Sunday most shops are closed but Quay Street beside the river is bustling. Buildings that once served a busy cargo port now overlook a treed street with lawns and gardens, sculptures and a playground. The Boathouse cafe angles out over the river. Amongst the trees we find delightfully sculpted recreations of Queensland architecture by local artist Belynda Waugh.

Riverston Tea Rooms and a touch of colonial splendour

And speaking of architecture, we drive along the less salubrious part of the river admiring old Queenslanders that are in need of restoration and TLC by those with vision and more energy than old buggers like us. From one extreme to the other, we cross town and visit the grand St Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral, then climb the hill behind, where house after house has been exquisitely restored and views of the city are cherished.

It’s back to camp for happy hour with Kath & Kim and a glorious tropical sunset followed by a mountain of leftovers from last night’s roast.

Accom: 23.00

Towing Kms: 0

3 thoughts on “Capricorn Dancers, Day 46 – Loving the architecture of Rockhampton

  1. Those old Queenslanders really inspire one to want to get the paint can out don’t they. Only, where would the work end on them! Grafton has a lot of gorgeous, restored ones, and south Grafton had a lot that were need of restoration. We soooo wanted to buy one to get our hands dirty renovating.


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