Like a Rollingstone, Day 75 – A peek at Rockhampton

Day 75 Saturday, 23/7/2016, Yeppoon, hot 28

We have lunch in Rocky and admire the old buildings. It’s so good to see that so much of the colonial era has been preserved.

Customs House, Rockhampton, Qld
Flood gauge on the Fitzroy River, 1918 would have been a shocker!

We would have liked to visit Archer Park Railway Station museum but it is closed on Saturdays. Undaunted we go in search of the Botanical Gardens. Being low lying the gardens have had a bit of flood damage but the real problem is that they’re sadly in need of some serious TLC at present. We return to the caravan park to find that this evening’s park entertainment the One Man Band is about as entertaining as my ukulele group back home.

Archer Park Railway Station, Rockhampton
An attractive Queenslander, near the Botanic Gardens, Rockhampton

2021 Note: Architects must have been in short supply in the early days of European settlement in this country and in our travels we’ve noticed many similar designs. The Archer Park railway station is similar in style to the one in Emerald and Mt Morgan too. Along the New South Wales north coast there are a slew of lighthouses designed by the same architect, all cute and white and varying only by the difficulty of the site.

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