Turkish mouse mats and dairying superstars

We’re on our way to Lakes Entrance, about four hours east of Melbourne to make arrangements for our Caravan Club’s Christmas Muster. Which I should mention can be quite a shebang, with four or five days of fun filled frivolity and laughter and a bit of over indulging. We pull up at Stratford as I want to buy a miniature Turkish carpet to use as a mouse mat. We stayed in this town a few years ago and I bought one of these little mats for my sister in law and have admired it ever since. I fall out the … Continue reading Turkish mouse mats and dairying superstars

The Legend of the Elephant

We are spending a few days in the charming little town of Stratford in Victoria. As we wander along the Avon riverbank in the early morning chill of spring we find a small blue sculpture of an elephant and learn that it is a memorial to an elephant that was decapitated when the circus was driving under Stratford’s very low railway bridge back in 1950. Apparently he was too heavy to move so they buried him by the river. One wonders what became of the circus after it lost its star attraction. Continue reading The Legend of the Elephant