Turkish mouse mats and dairying superstars

We’re on our way to Lakes Entrance, about four hours east of Melbourne to make arrangements for our Caravan Club’s Christmas Muster. Which I should mention can be quite a shebang, with four or five days of fun filled frivolity and laughter and a bit of over indulging.

We pull up at Stratford as I want to buy a miniature Turkish carpet to use as a mouse mat. We stayed in this town a few years ago and I bought one of these little mats for my sister in law and have admired it ever since. I fall out the door of Turkish Magic bazaar bedazzled by handcrafted treasures to find Woody engrossed in conversation with a guy who is asking about our Jeep.

“G’Day, I’m Max” is interspersed with towing capacities and talk of caravans. Then Max goes on to mention that he has a fully automated robotic dairy a few kilometres away and yes he is the bloke that we saw on ABC TV’s Landline program last week demonstrating how it all works. The cows actually milk themselves at the dairy shed anytime of the day or night when the urge takes them. What bliss this must be for the over worked dairy farmers who have always been tied to their herds.

Max takes people on tours of his farm so no doubt we’ll be calling in with a few grey nomads in tow before long.

Miniature carpet from Turkish Magic

9 thoughts on “Turkish mouse mats and dairying superstars

  1. I love watching “Landline” but missed the program about the automated dairy, sounds great. I know dairy farmers and their families seldom managed to get away from their farms even for a short break so what a boon such a system would be.
    Great little mouse-mat too.

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  2. Do go to the dairy, I’d love to see how it works! This is the next best thing to being on the road with you. The little mat is lovely, for me it would be easier to pop over to Turkey!


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