Bloggers Bash Awards 2019

A big thank you to the very kind reader who has nominated my blog for the Bloggers Bash Awards of 2019 Best Travel Blog. Is it a travel blog or the memoir of a misguided meanderer? That I can’t say. I do subscribe to the theory that only dementia can steal your travel memories. So, if the unthinkable happens, I’ll at least be able to enjoy reading the travels of someone of whom I don’t know. Advertisements Continue reading Bloggers Bash Awards 2019

When the weather is unbearable

March 2019, Port Albert, Vic Camped in Toora near Victoria’s famous Wilson’s Promontory and with the mercury hovering in the high 30’s we set off for a picnic in the rainforest at Tarra Bulga National Park. Within minutes of hitting the road a friend rang to warn us of bushfires near there. Wilson’s Prom National Park had also been closed due to bushfires… and we’d forgotten our sandwiches. Hot and stuffed and plans astray, we headed for the cool of the coast at historic Port Albert only to be confronted by a bear on a ute who’d obviously had a … Continue reading When the weather is unbearable

Hobbies on the road

Those of you who aren’t caravanners must probably wonder what on earth we do out there, in the bush. Well, there’s only so much sightseeing that one can do without becoming completely and utterly exhausted (we are seniors you know). There are only so many museums, art galleries and craft shops that one can enjoy. We find that the attraction that we don’t visit, the one we almost visit but say “Oh God no! Enough is enough”.  Well that one turns out to be everyone else’s favourite in all of Australia and we bloody well missed it! As much as … Continue reading Hobbies on the road