Karijini National Park, WA

To my mind Karijini National Park is the best National Park that I’ve visited. Like nothing else, it is a world of contrasts. Dales Gorge campground is in a dry climate area. There are ant mounds, Spinifex grass, red soil and a gentle wind whispers through the trees.   If you didn’t follow the signs you would not know that a gaping chasm is a short walk away. The earth looks to have been ripped open by giant hands exposing an ‘other worldly’ environment hundreds of metres below. There are many of these gorges each quite different, some like Dales gorge … Continue reading Karijini National Park, WA

A Few Stats on the Size of Western Australia

It’s not until you decide to drive Western Australia from top to bottom that you realise how really large it is. It takes days to drive across the Pilbara region. From the coast at Exmouth to the town of Tom Price took us two days and we didn’t sight a town only the gates of cattle stations. According to Wikipedia statistics, if the state of Western Australia was a country it would be the tenth largest in the world. The road distance from Augusta in the south to Kununurra in the north is 3512kms. Which is a lot further than Los … Continue reading A Few Stats on the Size of Western Australia

Cruising on Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle is the water catchment on the Ord River near Kununurra in Western Australia. Several tour companies offer sightseeing cruises on the lake. We cruise around the islands of the lake and see wallabies, fresh water crocodiles, even a baby one and golden orb spiders. The lake is about forty times the size of Sydney Harbour and if it ever reaches its capacity it will be about eighty times that of Sydney Harbour. Don’t tell the folks in Sydney. The boat has two 250hp Honda outboards on the back, the water is as smooth as glass and we glide … Continue reading Cruising on Lake Argyle

It’s a Long Walk

In 1897 they built a jetty in Carnarvon, WA for the shipping of supplies and live cattle from the inland. The town has an unusual situation on a blind bight beside the river and well behind the dunes and mudflats. Thus to reach deep water the jetty is one mile long and a small train now runs the length of it. The jetty is well worn and rusted but a great walk. When we reach the end we chat with a woman who is fishing for tailor. She tells us that the water which is quite brown is still murky … Continue reading It’s a Long Walk