Eighty Mile Beach

Eighty Mile Beach or ‘Eighty Mile’ as it is fondly called wins us over. 365km south of Broome and a short 10km drive from the Great Northern Highway, it is a pretty park with lots of green lawn, shady trees and beautiful rock gardens of frangipani trees. Trucks water the roads constantly to keep the red dust down. We’re camped really close to the beach, just behind the dunes in fact. Before noon the beach is impossibly bright with the sun reflecting off trillions of shells. Fishermen abound, their cars parked on the sand beside them (a practice that is still foreign to us Victorians). Cars and quad bikes speed up and down the beach. As soon as the tide starts to recede the fishermen depart to be replaced by shell collectors as this is one of the best shell beaches in the country and although the shells look white from a distance close inspection reveals shells of all colours, even fluoro yellow. ‘Eighty Mile’ is actually a misnomer as it is one hundred and forty miles long.

Source: Google Maps

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