It’s a Long Walk

In 1897 they built a jetty in Carnarvon, WA

for the shipping of supplies and live cattle from the inland. The town has an unusual situation on a blind bight beside the river and well behind the dunes and mudflats. Thus to reach deep water the jetty is one mile long and a small train now runs the length of it. The jetty is well worn and rusted but a great walk. When we reach the end we chat with a woman who is fishing for tailor. She tells us that the water which is quite brown is still murky from the last cyclone and that aggressive bull sharks abound in the ocean and river. When we offer to carry her tackle back to shore she chuckles and tells us that the train will pick her up as she is the driver. And so it does.

at the start the end is barely visible
End of Carnarvon pier, WA

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