Yackety Yack, Day 3 – Tuning up with too many forks

Day 3 Thursday 11/5/2023, Yackandandah, sunny Another chilly morning after a night of chasing doonas around the bed. Why is it that caravan beds inspire doonas to wander during the night and usually end up on the floor? We have … Continue reading Yackety Yack, Day 3 – Tuning up with too many forks


Dec 2019, Yackandandah, Vic There’s nothing more evocative than an old fence post. I’m sure an expert in these matters would be able to date this one. To me, well it takes me back to my childhood. A time when a new fence was built. Me a goofy little country kid in gumboots watching my Dad and our neighbour Ted planting the star pickets and straining the wires.   Continue reading Gatepost

Yack Stone Bridge

Dec 2019, Yackandandah, Vic You’d have to be pretty cheesed off wouldn’t you? If you’d just spent a year or so building this fine bridge, another obstacle overcome in the 1000 or so kilometre road between Melbourne and Sydney, when someone higher up the pecking order decides to change the route to Chiltern. Chiltern for heaven’s sake! I wonder if a few pockets were greased in the process? The stone bridge was built in 1859 and 1860 when this was the Melbourne to Sydney road passing through the gold towns of Beechworth and Yackandandah. Upon completion it was decided that … Continue reading Yack Stone Bridge