The Empty Esky Tour, Day 13 – Yackandandah

Day 13, Wednesday 4/3/20, Yackandandah, rain, soggy 16 – 21

As forecast, we have light rain for most of the night and by breakfast it is heavy. It continues all day. We meet Phil at the museum as he is a guide and with his mellifluous voice he gives a most informative tour. We learn about the various methods of mining used in Yack that at one time caused pollution in the Murray River, such was the amount of excavation being carried out. The museum itself is housed in what was once a solid Bank of Victoria. The Yackandandans of old must have been a patriotic lot as upon the death of Queen Victoria, the townsfolk celebrated the coronation of King Edward V11, by slaughtering a bullock and roasting it on a spit. The women made puddings for dessert. Not to be wasteful a commemorative plaque was then made from the leather, horns and hooves. The hooves have since gone missing as too was the plaque itself until it was rescued from the local tip.

At the time a reporter from the Yackandandah Times wrote: “The production is one worthy of a place in the mighty London, and we understand that an enlarged photograph is to be sent to the King as a memento of probably the only “bullock roasting” in the whole of his dominions.”

The leather artistry of the bullock plaque is superb
Cr Beatty's Bullocks
Cr. Beatty’s bullocks, by the shape of the horns it is assumed that the one on the far right was the unlucky donor

Phil and his wife Lyn ask us to join them for lunch at a local establishment which will remain unnamed. But after a wait of 90 minutes for simple toasted sandwiches and a botched drinks order it will forever remind us of Fawlty Towers.

 Meanwhile the rain continues and we’re glad we’ve extended our stay. Conditions are soggy, El Prado is still unwell from his ship flu and we don’t want to risk moving to an untried free camp in this weather. We drive out to Kergunyah to check the suitability of the caravan park there. It fits the bill for us but the duty manager is a little confused and unaware of the upcoming long weekend.

Returning we stop off at Tangambalanga, or ‘Tangam’ to the locals and buy meat from the butcher.

The evening is so wet that we go to the pub (The Star Hotel) early just to dry out. The pub is cosy, the staff oh so welcoming and we order far too much food. Thankfully we get doggie bags to take a few yummy sticky ribs home. It’s jam session night in the bar and we stay for a few songs. There’s no doubt about it this pub is a rising star on my top pub list.

Jam session at The Star Hotel, Yackandandah, Vic


Accom $35

Utilities: power, water, toilets, showers

Fuel: $0

Towing kms: 0

11 thoughts on “The Empty Esky Tour, Day 13 – Yackandandah

  1. I’m wondering how this shut down of so many businesses is affecting the grey nomad community. Will you still be able to travel? The pub sounds a real winner.


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