TYTO Wetlands

For Free Camp Friday here’s a camp that has been built by a thoughtful town that realizes the benefits of encouraging people to stay awhile. Ingham in Qld, known as the” Italian town” is welcoming and friendly. The information centre is at the TYTO Wetlands and there is a new 48 hour free camp beside the lake. The shopping centre is only a block away and there is an excellent fishmonger on the highway, the prawns are seriously sweet and juicy. Did I mention the Italian deli in town? The name Tyto is strange but it is the name of … Continue reading TYTO Wetlands

Is There a Category for Caravans?

We decide to spend a night in Mansfield as the town just happens to be gearing up for the High Country Targa Rally. The main street is lined with hay bales and there are race marshalls stationed on every corner. The caravan park is buzzing with motorsport talk and at 5:00pm in light rain we nip across to the owner’s house to take up his offer of watching the time trials from his deck. There are about fifteen of us crowded on the deck, the owner’s family, friends and patrons and we have the best view possible. Being on a … Continue reading Is There a Category for Caravans?

Blue Heeler Hotel

Some pubs in the outback like the Blue Heeler Hotel in Kynuna, Qld have very narrow doors, we just assumed that people were smaller in the old days. But hell no, it was to stop you from riding your horse into the bar. Spoil sports. The Blue Heeler Hotel has been here since the 1860’s when it was a Cobb and Co coaching stop and the gnarly old floor boards look like they’re original. If that’s not enough this hotel was where the shearers celebrated during the great shearer’s strike of 1894 when they set fire to the woolshed at … Continue reading Blue Heeler Hotel

A Tale of Two Towns

  We’re wandering along Victoria’s Bass Coast and drop in to reacquaint ourselves with Walkerville South. The road ends at the boat ramp and a sign declares that driving on the beach is not permitted here except for the launching of boats. For those not familiar with this area, the two tiny towns of Walkerville South and Walkerville North overlook Waratah Bay and are a mere few hundred metres apart. In years gone by the locals used to drive onto the sand and make a quick dash around the dividing headland at low tide. With driving on the beach no … Continue reading A Tale of Two Towns

Getting It Up

After deciding that this year we will slow down a little and stay longer in each location an annexe seemed like a good addition to our van. Thus with the Jeep filled with annexe paraphernalia we headed off to the coast for a few days to test the annexe out and make sure that it really performed as we’d hoped. With over bubbling excitement we started putting up our new annexe for the very first time and well, stuffed it up completely. According to the DVD getting the height of the caravan’s awning is the key to attaching the annexe … Continue reading Getting It Up

Digital Buzz

We wait patiently for our fish and chips at the San Remo Fishermans Co-Op in Victoria. We can’t help but be impressed by the slick operation as the place is packed and baskets are dropping into the fryers one after the other. Oh no, are crayfish really $125kg! Growing up in a fishing town we used to pay 10 shillings each for them whenever unexpected guests dropped in. But that was the 1950’s before global markets. Outside the co-op the sun sparkles on the water, fishing trawlers are tied to the wharf and traffic plies the bridge to the island. … Continue reading Digital Buzz

Franklin River

A friend had recommended this spot and it’s the Franklin River Reserve, near Toora in Victoria’s West Gippsland and it is perfect so we dash into Foster for supplies. There are swarms of cabbage butterflies flitting about the roadside in the sun. Foster is alive with shoppers and the shops are bright and cheerful. The local park is a picture with beds of annuals and colourful leafy vegetables. A little wooden bridge spans the creek where gold was first discovered. There are more flower beds down the centre of the main shopping street and a big old magnolia in the … Continue reading Franklin River

Walking on the Seabed

Each evening holidaymakers pick their way over the rippled sand flats sucked dry by the retreating tide. Heads down, people and ibis poke about on what was an hour ago the seabed. Soldier crabs toss and sift the sand searching for food. Gulls puff their feathers against the cool breeze while the setting sun bathes the whole scene a delicate gold. Me, all that I see is music to the soul and music written in the sand. Today’s post was inspired by this morning’s discussion with fellow blogger Miriam of OutanAbout. https://outanabout.wordpress.com/2016/02/10/wednesday-wondering/ Continue reading Walking on the Seabed

Harry Corones & The Hotel Corones

Even when on his deathbed blind and deaf, Harry Corones knew when someone had rung up a ‘no sale’ on the till downstairs. Aviator Amy Johnson touched down at Charleville in Western Queensland on her record breaking flight to London. She asked HC for a champagne bath to celebrate her arrival thus far. Twenty three magnums of the finest champagne went into her bath that night and later while she was downstairs being wooed by the townsfolk of Charleville, the staff rebottled the champagne. Harry got on the phone and sold the lot as “the champagne Amy Johnson had bathed in … Continue reading Harry Corones & The Hotel Corones