Is There a Category for Caravans?

High Country Targa Rally

We decide to spend a night in Mansfield as the town just happens to be gearing up for the High Country Targa Rally. The main street is lined with hay bales and there are race marshalls stationed on every corner. The caravan park is buzzing with motorsport talk and at 5:00pm in light rain we nip across to the owner’s house to take up his offer of watching the time trials from his deck. There are about fifteen of us crowded on the deck, the owner’s family, friends and patrons and we have the best view possible. Being on a corner the track skirts two sides of the caravan park. There is much cheering, waving and of course raising of bubbly as the cars scream by. All in all we have about two hours of great fun.

Next day we head out of town up the King Valley road towards Whitfield and realise that we’re being passed by race cars. Then we notice a sign announcing that the road is now closed to traffic for most of the day. Whoops our little caravan is in the middle of a motor race! Quickly we turn the thing around and get the hell out of there.

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