A Tale of Two Towns


Walkerville Map

We’re wandering along Victoria’s Bass Coast and drop in to reacquaint ourselves with Walkerville South. The road ends at the boat ramp and a sign declares that driving on the beach is not permitted here except for the launching of boats. For those not familiar with this area, the two tiny towns of Walkerville South and Walkerville North overlook Waratah Bay and are a mere few hundred metres apart. In years gone by the locals used to drive onto the sand and make a quick dash around the dividing headland at low tide. With driving on the beach no longer an option the only choices are a nine kilometre drive by road or an 800 metre walk over the headland. The only shop in the area is a kiosk in the Walkerville North camping ground and I notice that it is only open from Thursday to Sunday, you’d hate to run out of milk. The view is good though.

20160211-DSC_0449 (2)
View from Walkerville North, behind the yellow cliff is Walkerville South



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