Dump Point Etiquette

To talk or not to talk? That is the question. When couples travel emptying the toilet cassette (or ‘shit suitcase’ as Woody calls it) tends to be a ‘blue’ job, so I’ve asked many fellas whether they have a chat at the dump point. Thus far I’ve only received a few embarrassed mumblings so I’m putting the question to you caravanning readers… Do you talk at the dump point or not? Continue reading Dump Point Etiquette

Please Explain?

I had been waiting for ten years to see the Stromatolites at Hamelin Pool in WA, they are supposedly the oldest living organisms on earth at 3,500 million years (that’s a lot of zeroes). After staring at them for a full half hour I must say that I am still none the wiser. Woody wanted to know if they light up at night! Our mate Dee called them tomatolites. Stromatolites, Hamelin Pool, WA Continue reading Please Explain?