Camp Cooroora

Camp Cooroora is a scout camp situated on Noosa’s water supply, Lake MacDonald. It has a large grassed area with powered sites around the perimeter. If it weren’t for the espresso machine we could have happily gone without power in the centre. There is access to the lake for canoeists and leafy walks through the bush. There is a large camp kitchen, old but spotless amenities and genial hosts Reg and his missus to look after things. Considering that the caravan park in Noosa charges double our costs and at $15 a head and 15 minutes from Noosa we’ve scored … Continue reading Camp Cooroora

Damn and doggone

2013 – We had planned to spend a week ambling around the Victorian Goldfields looking for good free camps before meeting up with friends in the historic town of Clunes:- Imminent bushfires prevent us from free camping for the first few days and on the Saturday when we are just starting to relax we pull into Castlemaine and realise that most of the streets have angle parking. We find a perfect parallel park and while I have my head buried in the Camps Guide, Woody reverses back to make more room for other motorists, there is a sickening crunch and … Continue reading Damn and doggone

How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

When we’ve been on the road for a month or so a strange thing happens…my shorts fall off. It has to be caused by the extra walking as every place that we stay in just begs to be walked and explored. I certainly don’t eat less. I find myself wandering about admiring gardens and views, trawling beaches and poking about in shops. All with one hand clutching my shorts. But wait. There is one tremendous advantage. I don’t have to unzip them to take them off. Just a gentle downward tug and they drop to my ankles. Bye bye muffin … Continue reading How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Only in Melbourne!

I make a flying visit home for my Aunt’s 90th birthday and on my way back to the airport I swing past Springvale (a Melbourne suburb known for it’s Asian groceries) and pick up a couple of pieces of Lup Yook (cured pork that resembles a skinny brown cricket bat) for Woody’s traditional birthday feast. I shove it in the side of my backpack and forget about it. At airport security the ‘fertiliser guy’ (the bloke who wands you for nitro or explosives or such) happens to be a young Chinese Aussie. “Lup Yook!” he shouts in excitement to his … Continue reading Only in Melbourne!