This nomadic life can be so serendipitous. While wandering along a beach I meet a couple who were originally from the Mornington Peninsula and who now live on the north coast of NSW. They’re encouraging the littlies to find flotsam and we’re all picking about looking for interesting things from the last tide. It turns out that he is Bill Silverstein and he wrote a book called Down Under Magic about the early days of skin and SCUBA diving in Port Phillip Bay. Bill was in the diving search party for the body of Prime Minister Harold Holt (a keen … Continue reading Beachcombing

When Things Go Wrong – Just Cook!

We arrived at Nullarbor Roadhouse in the afternoon, it was 40 degrees or thereabouts, there was phone reception (at last) and our friend learnt that her house 2000kms behind us, had been robbed. We cooked while we formulated a plan. Up in tropical north Queensland our mate’s van door locked jamming wife Elle inside for three hours. We cooked and a curry was ready by the time that Elle was freed by the locksmith. And then this little doosie from Central Queensland in 2016: “Because of the big wet we decide to forgo our trip up to Finch Hatton in … Continue reading When Things Go Wrong – Just Cook!