How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

When we’ve been on the road for a month or so a strange thing happens…my shorts fall off. It has to be caused by the extra walking as every place that we stay in just begs to be walked and explored. I certainly don’t eat less. I find myself wandering about admiring gardens and views, trawling beaches and poking about in shops. All with one hand clutching my shorts. But wait. There is one tremendous advantage. I don’t have to unzip them to take them off. Just a gentle downward tug and they drop to my ankles.

Bye bye muffin top. Farewell love handles and now I pray that I don’t sneeze!


7 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

  1. Hehehe. I agree that it must be the extra walking. A belt is the solution as continual tugging up of shorts is very annoying and if you happen to be wearing long pants they drag on the ground!

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