Lawson Park Hotel

Winter 2017 In Mudgee, NSW and hankering for a steak we walk this charming town and find the Red Heifer Grill at the Lawson Park Hotel where the specialty is steak of course. It is a freezing cold winter’s night, we’re talking scarves and woollens now, and there’s a roaring fire in the bar. Out the back are some of the largest steaks that you’d ever find and the house red is a smooth local drop called ‘Black’ Shiraz. Steaks sizzle on the grill, ours almost melt in our mouths and the shiraz? We buy a dozen the next day. Continue reading Lawson Park Hotel

Telling it like it is

Earlier this winter… Now that we’ve been away from the coast for a few weeks the large range in daily temperatures is playing havoc with our skin. Today is our anniversary and Woody wakes me with a kiss then recoils shouting “Shit you look like a fucking clown!” Suddenly I remember… waking in the night with sore lips, groping in the dark for lip balm and smothering my lips, then noticing the lipstick smell but having quelled the pain just falling asleep. Woody was right I do look like a clown, with an inch of bright red lipstick around my … Continue reading Telling it like it is