A Good Hot Bath

Gwydir Thermal Park in Moree NSW is enormous with hundreds of van sites, cabins and motel units they cater to every budget. Like the last two nights of this trip the sites are very tight.

The artesian water here is pumped up from 720 metres and reaches the surface at 39 degrees.

We gingerly lower ourselves into the 34 degree pool then the 35. The 37 is the most popular and filled with chatting seniors who seem oblivious to the heat. By the time we make it to the 39 degree pool we take little cooking before flinging ourselves into the ‘cool’ pool for a proper swim of at least a few laps. Woody takes delight in counting the people who don’t have the obligatory cleansing shower before immersing themselves in the pools.



7 thoughts on “A Good Hot Bath

  1. The various heated pools of a South Korean Jimjilbang were among the highlights of our trip there. Such a relaxing experience! But apparently, you two didn’t have to take all your clothes off …..


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