Kenilworth Showgrounds

There is no caravan park in the Sunshine Coast hinterland town of Kenilworth, Qld, they don’t need one. The showgrounds are huge and well maintained. When we arrive Brian the caretaker is moving his van under the newly renovated house that comes with the job. Given Queenslanders passion for moving buildings hither and thither I wonder where they moved the house from? We are backed up to colourful bromeliad gardens. There are brand new toilets and showers are just a short walk away. Across the street is Jocks and Frocks laundromat. The brightly painted shops of town are busy and … Continue reading Kenilworth Showgrounds

Exploring the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

We drive up the Blackall Range to Mapleton and then our adventurous GPS takes us down a winding white knuckled cliff hugging dirt road through lush cow paddocks and over many one lane bridges to Kenilworth, a wondrous drive. Where Maleny is arts and crafts and Montville is slick upmarket tourism then Kenilworth is rustic and honest. There is no caravan park but a huge Showgrounds camping area at the bottom end of town. Heading south we pass the green and grassy free camp at Little Yabba Creek and eventually climb back up the ridge to Maleny. Continue reading Exploring the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Minor Medical Issues

Whenever a caravan club muster is imminent someone mentions that a little attention is needed for a Minor Medical Issue, “but don’t worry, we’ll be there.” And true to their word they are. Dodgy ticker, broken bones, torn ligaments, dicky knees, drug patches and hidden tubing from recent surgery, fuzzy heads, blurry eyes, overactive thyroids, bladders and guts. Around camp grounds across the country seniors are hopping and bopping on walking frames and driving their wheelchairs and scooters up ramps into their homes away from home. As my old aunt always says “It doesn’t matter where you die… it’s someone … Continue reading Minor Medical Issues

Caravanning, how do I get started?

You’ve decided to go caravanning but you don’t know where to start. Whether the car or the van comes first is as confusing as ‘The Chicken and the Egg’. Here are a few pointers that we’ve learnt the hard way. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of retailers and manufacturers and do your research. Hit the online caravanning forums, subscribe to a few caravanning magazines and eventually it will all make sense. Above all enjoy yourself, this is a lifestyle choice, it can be an adventure and it is fun. Decide what type of van suits your needs The best … Continue reading Caravanning, how do I get started?

The Good Old Mountain View

Mountain View Hotel, Little Mulgrave, Qld The Gillies Range road spirals steeply down the mountainside from the Atherton Tableland one hairpin bend after another. At the bottom we have to hit the brakes and turn sharply into the Mountain View Hotel on the Little Mulgrave River. It is so easy to fly past this place. The charming old Queensland pub has a view out over the cane fields towards the mountains. But the hidden treat is the deck out back that overhangs the rushing mountain stream. Above the bar there is a sign for FNQ Lager…”So good you have to … Continue reading The Good Old Mountain View