Water Spotting

When we were young and much sillier we used to water ski at Bonnie Doon at the northern end of Victoria’s Lake Eildon. Back in the 1970’s rolling sheep covered hills ran down to the massive waters of the reservoir. This was a waterway built to supply Melbourne’s future needs and never to run out. Until that is, the Millennium drought between 2000 and 2010 when the dam dried to a trickle. Businesses based on water sports folded and long drowned farm buildings appeared for another brief glimpse of the world. Driving around the area known as Peppin Point a friend of mine shouted “That’s where I first learnt to ski” as a kangaroo hopped across a dry dusty paddock.

Nowadays the water is back, ski boats carve wakes across the lake and every time we catch our first glimpse of water we shout “There it is, the water.” Precious stuff water.

Lake Eildon Map
Lake Eildon (Google Maps)

Footnote for those who use the Sydney Harbour water measurement system: According to Wikipedia Lake Eildon is 138.3 square Kilometres in area as opposed to Sydney Harbour 55 square Kilometres in area.

Cows reflected in that first glimpse of water at Bonnie Doon
Lake Eildon from Bonnie Doon bridge

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