Oh Lord won’t you buy me a generator?

We both have a manageable coffee addiction, probably fuelled by the fact that Woody worked in the coffee industry for many years. Because of this we travel with a small espresso machine that makes a pretty good coffee. However, being on 12 volt battery power when free camping means that we must resort to our Italian stove top pot. This makes quite a good cup and keeps the ‘beasties’ at bay until we are back on real power again. Nevertheless I’m extremely envious of those new vans with lithium batteries that will power an espresso machine. Advertisements Continue reading Oh Lord won’t you buy me a generator?

The Cornish Miners

It is said that the old Cornish miners of Broken Hill used to sleep sitting up, because their lungs were too damaged by lead and dust to allow them to sleep horizontally. They had traipsed up from South Australia, with their worldly goods in their wheelbarrows, after the copper ran out at Burra in the early 1880’s. Can you imagine how it must have felt pushing a wheelbarrow 350kms across semi arid land? Continue reading The Cornish Miners

Getting To Know a New Caravan

Jan 2014 Daylesford, Vic As we pack up our camp after our first night in our new van we realise that the car has a puncture. It looks like a rock has pierced the tyre wall. It’s a case of unhitching the van, jacking up the car, changing the tyre, then hitching the van up again. Once the spare wheel is on we nick into Daylesford and do a quick U turn into the tyre repairers. There is a heck of a metallic noise and we discover that we have popped one of our load levellers onto the roadway. Five … Continue reading Getting To Know a New Caravan


Blogger mate Miriam over at Out n’About in her beautiful Valentine’s Day  post suggested that we should lie in bed each morning and contemplate and be grateful for what we have. Sorry Miriam I disagree, I lie in bed and wonder which body part will fail today. When my shoulders ache too much from blog reading on the phone I tentatively drop both feet to the floor (my wise old aunt told me once that we should always put both feet to the floor in case one has stopped working in the night). All is well, both feet work. I … Continue reading Grateful