Oh Lord won’t you buy me a generator?

We both have a manageable coffee addiction, probably fuelled by the fact that Woody worked in the coffee industry for many years. Because of this we travel with a small espresso machine that makes a pretty good coffee. However, being on 12 volt battery power when free camping means that we must resort to our Italian stove top pot. This makes quite a good cup and keeps the ‘beasties’ at bay until we are back on real power again. Nevertheless I’m extremely envious of those new vans with lithium batteries that will power an espresso machine.

Soaking up the free (and quiet) solar power

14 thoughts on “Oh Lord won’t you buy me a generator?

  1. For years, I was very anti-generator. Then, we were forced to leave a beautiful camp at Thomas River after more than a week of really overcast weather – even our 4 solar panels couldn’t keep up the power for our (small) fridge. A National Parks study group that had moved into the next site had a really quiet generator going – we found out it was a little Honda. I was so cross about having to leave, that I told John he could have one like that, if he could find one. When we for back to Esperance, he raced off to buy one before I changed my mind. We only used it about 4 times in the subsequent 8 years of travel – but was still worth having.


    1. Thanks for sharing that info as a group of us we’re talking about gennies this evening over dinner. We tend to follow the sun in our travels but sometimes nature has different ideas. The Honda’s are always the quiet ones. We always laugh at the caravan shows cos the Honda reps are the only ones who have all of theirs running. Safe travels.


  2. We had a solar panel and got quite cross about some campers with noisy and inconsiderate generators. After all it is the peace and quiet we camp in the country for…


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