Unicorn Brewery

Across the street from our caravan park in Burra is the last remnant of the old Unicorn Brewery, its vast underground cellars. There is little to see above ground but a few ventilation shafts, but underneath one can only imagine what it must have been like when in full operation. Continue reading Unicorn Brewery

Aw Shucks!

Leaving the Eyre Peninsula coast we follow the Flinders Highway north to pick up the Eyre Highway and turn east towards home. We beat into a South easterly wind that alternates from being on the nose to being slightly angled which gives the van a bit of a rolling feel. Woody is grumbling and complaining that he cut himself shucking an oyster and now can’t open beer bottles. Shucks. Continue reading Aw Shucks!

Locking Up

In Streaky Bay, El Prado and his missus Elle were doing a few chores and found themselves locked out of their van… again. This takes the tally to 3 times now (both locked in SA 2015, Elle locked in Qld 2016, both locked out SA 2018). Not a bad track record guys. Whilst ringing the RAA for assistance their neighbour comes over and with a grunt lifts the whole door up and voila it opens. The cause of the problem was a magnetic curtain strip that had caught in the door frame jamming it. The neighbour’s words of wisdom were … Continue reading Locking Up

Managing Wind

Eyre Peninsula, March 2018 The wind is becoming stronger and everything is coated in a layer of dust. As soon as I wipe the benches they are gritty again. I give up. Cooking dinner outside has become a joke but the wind doesn’t seem to deter the flies. At least the washing dries within minutes. We spend another day in the van avoiding the heat and wind and locking down everything that rattles in the wind, roof hatches are jammed down extra tight and the door (opening into the wind) threatens to blow off its hinges every time we open … Continue reading Managing Wind