Tiny Kimba in South Australia is known for many things: It’s halfway across Australia on the Eyre Highway, it has a ‘ Big Thing’ the famous Big Galah and now its grain silos have been magnificently painted.

Kimba Silos

It’s easy to find the spacious Kimba RV park. There’s a large gravelled area, toilets, a shower and all for a donation.

The spacious Kimba RV Park

It’s close enough to town for us to walk to the stunning painted silos and slake our thirst at the Kimba pub. We open the hotel door and all say “wow”. It is friendly and welcoming inside with a delightful dining room, a cosy front bar with big comfortable couches and a verandah overlooking the painted silos. If that’s not enough there’s a tempting menu which features a Nepalese Curry.

Kimba Gateway Hotel

12 thoughts on “Kimba

  1. Painted silos are becoming quite an attraction now. I saw a tv programme about the painting of them. I think it is very difficult to paint something that huge when you are right on top of it


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