Splash Down

January 2022 It’s mid-summer. In Melbourne, we’ve had a week of over 30’s temperatures. Not too hot. Perfect for tennis. Perfect for summer holidays by the beach, perfect for seafood, cold beer and chilled bubbles, but not so great for … Continue reading Splash Down

Caravanners need to be like sailors

It’s that time of year again, cyclone season up north sends floods down through the inland. The chance of searing dry heat in the south is the precursor to bushfires, though thankfully this summer has been cooler. There’s always dangerous weather to watch out for in this country. Like swings and roundabouts if it’s raining in Brisbane it’s probably dry in Melbourne and vice versa. If it’s raining in Perth then Adelaide and Melbourne will be next as the prevailing winds blow across the country. It pays to keep an eye on the weather and it doesn’t always do what … Continue reading Caravanners need to be like sailors

Whether the weather – Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay, Vic I’m often aware of how different a place can be on each visit. Sometimes a town may have grown, or fallen on hard times orravaged by bushfires. Maybe it has been ‘discovered’ by tourists and become a ‘must visit’ place. There will often be a difference, this time it was the weather in control. I tried to recreate a shot that I took a few years back. Continue reading Whether the weather – Apollo Bay

What do you think this is, the tropics?

Sep 2019, Yeppoon, Qld Jeepers it rained overnight! It was hot and I got up and opened the bathroom roof hatch. Yet by the time that I’d gotten back into bed (about 10 feet away) it had started raining. Bloody hell. Up I got again walked all the way back to the bathroom, closed the hatch, getting quite wet in the process and returned to bed, what? The rain had stopped! Just like that stopped. Is it any wonder caravanners are a fit bunch. Continue reading What do you think this is, the tropics?

2019 Victorian Bushfires

Bushfires strike fear into the hearts of most Australians. Caravanners are constantly on the alert for signs of smoke, the smell, a certain golden glow that cannot be described, even the shadows that take on an eerie quality. This week while on a Caravan Club muster we found ourselves once more on alert. We can be thankful, but to those caught in nature’s path the losses to homes, livestock and livelihoods have been utterly devastating. Our hearts go out to them. March 2nd 2019, Toora, Vic To the south of us Wilson’s Promontory National Park is on fire. Back in … Continue reading 2019 Victorian Bushfires