Getting High on Coffee

If you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ve probably realised that we really enjoy our food and that Woody can’t survive without freshly roasted coffee. Winter 2016 We spend hours stocking up on supplies in Townsville. And searching for a coffee wholesaler, one of which has their home address listed on the website rather than the business address. We find ourselves driving up near vertical streets on the side of ritzy Castle Hill …with the van on the back. I can’t breathe for fear that we won’t be able to turn around or even go uphill if the … Continue reading Getting High on Coffee

Around the World

Don’t tell Woody, but we recently chalked up 100,000kms of towing since we retired and bought our first caravan close to 6 years ago. What does that equate to? Well the earth is 40,075kms around at the equator so that makes it roughly two and half times around the earth. Woody usually does about two thirds of the driving and I do the rest and we argue quite a bit over whose turn it is to take the wheel. Our first van was a Viscount Pop Top. When we realised that we really liked this caper but wanted a bathroom … Continue reading Around the World

Port Lincoln

We got the last two sites in the Port Lincoln Caravan Park because it’s fishing season. We’re oblivious to such details as we don’t fish! We’re wondering when it isn’t fishing season here? After all it is Australia’s largest commercial fishing port. The Bay is a bright blue in the evening light, the hills of the Lincoln National Park glow golden. Seagulls pester fishermen for scraps, a pelican waits patiently on a lamp post. A trawler plies its way across the bay heading home. Kids on bicycles scatter the plovers. The sun picks out the yellow floats of a fish … Continue reading Port Lincoln

Vanning Essentials – The Inside Stuff

Friends of ours recently bought a new caravan, which had me thinking about what one needs other than the basics listed in Caravanning, how do I get started? You know the sort of things that one really doesn’t think about, the day to day ‘setting up a holiday house’ type of stuff. Being the ‘inside things’ I like to think of them as the ‘Pink Stuff’ as they are usually the domain of us women. Caravanning readers out there, is there anything that I’ve missed that you can’t live without? Bedding Carry a full spare set of linen for the … Continue reading Vanning Essentials – The Inside Stuff

Any Indication?

All fueled up (with even less in the tank than last time, I might add) we drive to Port Pirie for what turns out to be a delicious lunch but now our indicators have stopped working. While Woody pops into an auto electrician a woman pulls up behind El Prado’s van and pulls out her camera. Instantly on the alert El Prado asks her what she is photographing “not you darl, the lovely old Cadillac over there” she says. Whoops, we city folk always think the worst of people.   Continue reading Any Indication?