Around the World

Don’t tell Woody, but we recently chalked up 100,000kms of towing since we retired and bought our first caravan close to 6 years ago. What does that equate to? Well the earth is 40,075kms around at the equator so that makes it roughly two and half times around the earth.

Woody usually does about two thirds of the driving and I do the rest and we argue quite a bit over whose turn it is to take the wheel.

Our first van was a Viscount Pop Top. When we realised that we really liked this caper but wanted a bathroom we upgraded to a 19 foot Grant Tourer caravan. Our first tow vehicle was a Ford Territory which suited the Pop Top but was replaced by a Jeep Commander when we bought the caravan. We recently upgraded to a Jeep Cherokee. Both Jeeps have been exceptionally good and their 3.5 tonne tow capacity means that you really don’t notice that there is a van on the back (especially when there is country music playing) and van weight certainly isn’t an issue with a medium sized van like ours.

Now how far is it to the moon?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

15 thoughts on “Around the World

  1. I never thought of travel distances in those terms – amazing. We towed our van about 130,000 kms, over 14 years. Only had the one tow vehicle – Landrover Defender – and covered a tick over 350,000 kms in that. How many times around the world………

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