Port Lincoln

We got the last two sites in the Port Lincoln Caravan Park because it’s fishing season. We’re oblivious to such details as we don’t fish! We’re wondering when it isn’t fishing season here? After all it is Australia’s largest commercial fishing port.

Port Lincoln map
Port Lincoln Source: Google Maps

The Bay is a bright blue in the evening light, the hills of the Lincoln National Park glow golden. Seagulls pester fishermen for scraps, a pelican waits patiently on a lamp post. A trawler plies its way across the bay heading home. Kids on bicycles scatter the plovers. The sun picks out the yellow floats of a fish farm on the distant shore and campers slurp fresh oysters. Not a bad spot this one.

Port Lincoln Caravan Park with washing

6 thoughts on “Port Lincoln

  1. Love Port Lincoln, it was our honeymoon destination and yes we went fishing! How romantic. Also home to Australian Olympic weightlifter Dean Lukin, who we also met there. His family has fishing boats.


  2. Wonderful views from that caravan park. Port Lincoln is a place where one can really indulge in fresh seafood! Another lovely place to stay in that area is Coffin Bay.


  3. We also loved Port Lincoln. Did you now it was proposed as the capital of SA until they realized it had no natural water supply? Considering what Adelaide’s water tastes like, I think I would have taken the punt and set up in Port Lincoln!
    We did the shark dive and loved it. We also did a half day tour of Boston Bay in a small runabout, visiting all the aqu culture sites, fish pens, feeding, mussell farms etc. Fijished with a snack of Blue Fin Tuna sashimi whilst anchored in a beautiful bay on Boston Island. Peefect.
    If you like seafood, the Fresh Fish Place Market has the best fish in town, and makes particularly good seafood patties from local tuna. Smoked Tuna patties were the best!


    1. Shark diving is a definite no no for us and in the same category as bungee jumping and horror movies! We did the more sedate Fish Place tour and loved the lunch. We bought the patties and I only wish we had bought more than two meals of them, so delicious. Gee the fish is expensive in PL though.


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