Sandy Point Reserve, Hay

May 2018 We set up camp at Sandy Point Reserve on the banks of the Murrumbidgee at Hay, NSW just before we realised that our fridge had broken down. The reserve is on a large swathe of river floodplain with space enough for hundreds of RV’s. The park is neat and tidy with plenty of rubbish bins, BBQ’s, picnic tables, a boat ramp and best of all flushing loos. Town isn’t far away either. It’s also a perfect stopover for Southerners travelling north. We’re going to have to return to this place when we’re less stressed. Continue reading Sandy Point Reserve, Hay

Silo Touring in Victoria

Our caravan club recently toured the Silo Trail in Western Victoria. Because of the distances involved it is wise to base yourself at the caravan park in Warracknabeal like we did or at the well-appointed RV Park in Brim. There is one more silo in this region at Patchewollock which we didn’t visit on this trip due to time constraints. Northern Silo Trail With excitement we share cars and set off on the ‘Northern Silo Trail’. Brim is only a short distance up the road and those who are new to this kind of art are gobsmacked at the proportions. … Continue reading Silo Touring in Victoria

A Common Mistake

I sit in the hairdresser’s chair at Emu Park, Qld having a discounted Senior’s trim before our next leg of the trip. It’s a gloriously sunny day outside. A young girl is tidying up the window display of haircare products when she asks “Is it common for a man to ride a horse up the main street?” The hairdresser laughs and replies “Was that a pun?” The young girl looks blank and I’m positively confused. Then the hairdresser explains that the riders name is Col Common and yes, he often rides his horse along the main street and up the … Continue reading A Common Mistake

Sleeping naked in the tropics

The difficult thing about ageing is keeping up with the strange things that happen to your body. I now have a new problem on hot tropical nights when we have every window and hatch open to catch the sea breezes. You see my arms stick like super glue to my boobs and every time that I roll over whichever arm it is peels painfully away from its corresponding boob half waking me up. By the next morning I’m all bruises and looking like I’ve been in a prize fight. Continue reading Sleeping naked in the tropics

A Cry in the Night

June 2018 After dinner as we sit outside enjoying the warm Cairns evening a curlew marches up to the caravan fixes us with a beady stare and gives us a serious talking to. Now for anyone who has never heard a curlew, well, it sounds like a cross between an unruly two year old child having a tantrum and a woman being murdered. After a minute of glaring at us and high decibel screaming Mr. Curlew moved on to repeat his performance to the poor folks outside the next caravan. Continue reading A Cry in the Night