A Cry in the Night

June 2018

After dinner as we sit outside enjoying the warm Cairns evening a curlew marches up to the caravan fixes us with a beady stare and gives us a serious talking to. Now for anyone who has never heard a curlew, well, it sounds like a cross between an unruly two year old child having a tantrum and a woman being murdered. After a minute of glaring at us and high decibel screaming Mr. Curlew moved on to repeat his performance to the poor folks outside the next caravan.

Curlew, they’re not afraid to speak their minds

10 thoughts on “A Cry in the Night

  1. First time I ever heard one was in caravan park at Wonga Beach, in the dead of night. Was before we had mobile phone, fortunately, because I seriously would have rung police and reported someone being murdered. Was too scared to go outside to phone box. Next day, when I asked about the disturbance, caravan park manager just about wet himself laughing.

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