An intro to free camping

When we first started caravanning mates of ours were a wealth of information about towing and caravans and really helped us to get on the road. Now that they have both retired it’s time to return the favour as they now have the time to try free camping. The excitement is building as we plan, where to take them for a perfect experience, what they need. They have one battery and that is enough, we have portable solar panels which they can use to top up their batteries on a day to day basis. We’ll camp by a wild river … Continue reading An intro to free camping

An unwelcome guest

Nov 2018, Lake Bolac, Vic It is a warm still evening that doesn’t drop below 22˚c. Getting into bed Woody spots a hairy Huntsman* scurrying off the doona. We madly strip the bed and spray half a can of fly spray around the bed and into all the crevices while Woody stands naked in the kitchen stomping on my socks. When all is quiet, about an hour later I crawl into bed and revel in the fact that all of the hatches and windows are open and there is a gentle breeze flowing through the van. It would be lovely … Continue reading An unwelcome guest

Hobbies on the road

Those of you who aren’t caravanners must probably wonder what on earth we do out there, in the bush. Well, there’s only so much sightseeing that one can do without becoming completely and utterly exhausted (we are seniors you know). There are only so many museums, art galleries and craft shops that one can enjoy. We find that the attraction that we don’t visit, the one we almost visit but say “Oh God no! Enough is enough”.  Well that one turns out to be everyone else’s favourite in all of Australia and we bloody well missed it! As much as … Continue reading Hobbies on the road

When you hit a genealogical brickwall try birdwatching

When I first retired and joined U3A (University of the Third Age) I had particularly wanted to trace our family histories. Naturally I joined the U3A Genealogical class that was held at the local Family History Library and was instantly hooked, became a library member and commenced delving the dusty past. My husband’s family was a bit of a mystery as he and his brothers had no knowledge of their ancestors beyond their paternal grandfather. I was on cloud nine the day that a marriage certificate revealed that Woody’s ancestors were early South Australian colonists and much of their daily … Continue reading When you hit a genealogical brickwall try birdwatching

Everything must have two uses

Apr, 2015, New Norcia, WA After a summery breakfast in the paddock campground at New Norcia Monastery in Western Australia, Dee does a fair job of ironing his fingers in the awning arm but quick thinking on Woody’s behalf sees him grab a wine bottle cooler sleeve from the freezer and shove Dee’s hand into it, the swelling soon goes down. Once again there’s that old adage of everything on the van must have two uses including the freezer. Continue reading Everything must have two uses


Woody checked his tow hitch this week and decided that it was looking a little chipped and the tow ball somewhat rusty. He wandered down to our local Autobarn, picked up an aerosol can of black paint and the lad on the checkout asked to see his proof of age. Woody came home fuming “I’m 72!” he said “Does he think I’m going to be tagging trains!” If it was me, I would have thanked him for the compliment. Continue reading #Rusty