Aug, 2018, Bingara, NSW Bingara’s Main Street is a short walk away from the caravan park and a pleasant surprise. It is a neat town with memorials to the doctor and chemist. There are murals on the walls and a grand court house and then there’s the Roxy Theatre. Wearily we drop into the Imperial Hotel’s Gwydir Bar for a drink. There’s a fire burning and a friendly barmaid who has escaped the city (Ipswich) for the community lifestyle of Bingara. As we are dog tired and wanting to tour the town’s Roxy Theatre we decide to stay another day. … Continue reading Bingara

Stingray Bay

At Stingray Bay in Warrnambool there are two small islands, Merri Island and Middle Island. These two islands are home to Little Penguins whose numbers have been diminishing due to attacks by foxes. Since 2006 Italian Maremma Guardian Dogs have been used to protect the penguins and other birdlife. The penguin numbers are now increasing. Sound familiar? Well the movie ‘Oddball’ was based on the work of these amazing dogs. Continue reading Stingray Bay


In every town there is a wealth of history and there are heart wrenching stories. In the small Western District town of Penshurst in Victoria there is an old store with this sign out front: “In 1857 young William Olle rode into the bush searching for strayed stock and became lost. William’s parents gave him up as dead. He was found collapsed on a native burial mound by an indigenous tribe. For two years William travelled with them through the bush. He came to Penshurst and recognised the sign ‘Olle’ over this building. He was reunited with his parents.” Source: … Continue reading Penshurst