An intro to free camping

When we first started caravanning mates of ours were a wealth of information about towing and caravans and really helped us to get on the road. Now that they have both retired it’s time to return the favour as they now have the time to try free camping.

The excitement is building as we plan, where to take them for a perfect experience, what they need. They have one battery and that is enough, we have portable solar panels which they can use to top up their batteries on a day to day basis. We’ll camp by a wild river so we can pump water (for showering and washing) into our tanks. Being summertime, a campfire will be out of the question, but we’ve got an inbuilt outdoor gas stove for cooking. Our fridges of course are 3 way and run on 240, 12 volt or gas. We certainly won’t need the electric blanket and we can happily live without the microwave, hairdryer and air conditioner for a few days. Oh bring it on.

I guess it’s time to plan the menu.

What’s this free camping caper all about? See Free Camping.

Plenty of room to stretch out. Dando’s Campground, Gellibrand, Vic

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