Mar 2019, Mogo, NSW From Broulee we take the Princes Highway up to Mogo. What must have been a quaint old town is to my mind, now a bunch of wooden shops all selling similar Balinese imports. Not being much of a shopper, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, I disappear in search of a loo and find a French bulldog in a suitcase in a very interesting little shop, whose name escapes me (the shop not the dog). It is opposite the public toilets and if you find it, it does have a dog called Ted, in a suitcase. Continue reading Ted

Keep an eye out for poles and whingers

Mar 2019, Broulee, NSW El Prado takes ages to get the van set up in Broulee, then when all unhitched, happy with the level and legs down he realises that he is too close to the power box and can’t unfurl his awning. And it’s sunny. Poor old El Prado is about as popular as rats under the house! To top it off the neighbour is whingeing about someone disconnecting her power and blames us. We’re going to have to give her a wide berth too. Continue reading Keep an eye out for poles and whingers

‘ard of ‘earing

Mar 2019, Bermagui, NSW For days now I’ve had a blocked left ear which is leaving me feeling like a duck with one foot nailed to the floor and wanting to walk in circles. Stone deaf in my left ear has meant that I’ve been sleeping really well but when it came to catching a fly in the caravan I had no idea where the buzzing blighter was. I even missed partaking in a local ukulele festival. By Monday I booked an appointment at the Bermagui medical centre and joined a throng of elderly surfers waiting to be attended to, … Continue reading ‘ard of ‘earing