A Search for Quays and Keys

Mar 2019, Broulee, NSW

Once set up at Broulee (Brow Lee in local speak) we take a drive along the coast in search of oysters, nice fresh Sydney Rock oysters of which this coast is famous. We do however find a lot of new housing estates and shopping centres, the area is booming. Still in search of oysters we return to Moruya where we find the quarry where the stone was cut for the pylons of the Sydney harbour bridge. Suddenly Woody turns pale at the realisation that his car keys are not in his pocket, being close at hand, the Jeep must have recognised my keys. After scouring the floor and seats of the car we give up and continue with the oyster hunt.

Does that granite look familiar?
Moruya granite quarry

Staff at a cafe direct us to the oyster sheds south of Moruya to a dot on the map called Turlinjah, on the Tuross Lakes. We notice a bloke on a bicycle, there’s no one else around, and follow him down a nondescript bush track and bingo we find a rather unwashed fellow surrounded by oyster paraphernalia who is happy to sell us a few dozen.

Oyster farm on Tuross Lakes, NSW

Back at camp Woody shucks the oysters and we decide that they’re not a patch on the ones from Coffin Bay last year, but while we’re slurping and judging Woody has a flash. He dashes into the van and grabs the missing keys. Where were they?…In the caravan junk drawer! That’s about as obscure as following a bloke on a bike down a bush track.

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