Keep an eye out for poles and whingers

Mar 2019, Broulee, NSW

El Prado takes ages to get the van set up in Broulee, then when all unhitched, happy with the level and legs down he realises that he is too close to the power box and can’t unfurl his awning. And it’s sunny. Poor old El Prado is about as popular as rats under the house!

To top it off the neighbour is whingeing about someone disconnecting her power and blames us. We’re going to have to give her a wide berth too.

You’re not going to pull that awning out!

5 thoughts on “Keep an eye out for poles and whingers

  1. Ever done all your set up – and then discovered your power box doesn’t work? It is a foolhardy neighbour who continues to spectate the setting up at that point!


    1. Ha ha. It happened to us recently at a sports ground. The weather was perfect so we weren’t all that fussed about having power except for the coffee so we setup the coffee machine at our friends van.


  2. It’s not hard to disconnect someone else’s power with some of those dodgy caravan park power poles, but some people get so offended don’t they! Good plan to give her a wide berth!


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