Go West, Day 50 – Kalbarri

Day 50 Saturday 25th April 2015 Anzac Day Windy clear Coronation Beach to Kalbarri The wind gusted through the night again making for fitful sleep. I sweep up 24 dead flies plus body parts and another in Woody’s shoe. Twenty … Continue reading Go West, Day 50 – Kalbarri

Go West, Day 49 – Coronation Beach

Day 49 Friday 24th April 2015 Coronation Beach The wind comes in fierce gusts during the night so it’s all hands on deck to get the awning in. Woody wakes early and tries the hot water service again to no avail and now the fridge has gone out because the wind has changed direction. We decamp quickly and head back into Geraldton to Batavia Coast Caravans. In an hour the hot water service problem is identified and a new ignition control board has been installed. The positioning of the control board in a small box on the floor pretty well … Continue reading Go West, Day 49 – Coronation Beach

Go West, Day 48 – Coronation Beach

Day 48 Thursday 23rd April 2015 Geraldton to Coronation Beach Land sakes! The Ollies are up and off before us! That’s a first. We drive 25 kms north to Coronation Beach campground. It is quite a sight, the blue of the ocean, lines of breakers and the surf crashing in. People stroll about lazily, their heads encased in fly nets. Geraldton can be seen away to the south. There are a limited number of sites here tucked in amongst the shrubbery so one must be early to secure a spot.  The narrow beach overlooks a lagoon sheltered by a reef … Continue reading Go West, Day 48 – Coronation Beach

Go West, Day 45 – Dongara

Day 45 Monday 20th April 2015 Nambung Station to Dongara The shower was refreshing, I reach for a nice warm towel and as I dry myself I realise that ants have nested in it overnight and now I’m being bitten from head to toe. Ouch. Nambung owner Brian rolls up in his ute and apologises for the 30 knot winds. It turns out that he had wanted to surprise us with a flight over his property in his plane. What a nice guy he is. We get away at 10:30 and already it is 25 degrees. We have lunch at … Continue reading Go West, Day 45 – Dongara

Go West, Day 42 – New Norcia

Day 42 Friday 17th April 2015 Gwelup to New Norcia In half an hour we’ve left Perth’s neat, bright, clean and orderly suburbs behind us. The road is quite narrow and busy. Large trucks whoosh past and before we know it we’ve lost another mirror. So much for the new clips especially made for Jeep mirrors. That $13 insurance policy has just cost us another $149. New Norcia, Amazing Place (rhyme it with Amazing Grace) is a Benedictine monastery ‘town’, for want of a better description. Established in 1847 by the Spanish monk Rosendo Salvado. According to its orders the community … Continue reading Go West, Day 42 – New Norcia

Go West, Day 41 – Gwelup, Perth

Day 41 Thursday 16th April 2015 Gwelup, Perth Today it’s time to do all the last minute stuff before we leave the city behind. Hang on, haven’t we been doing that for the past week? Thank goodness I haven’t had the eotrackme app turned on as it would show us that we’ve been driving around in circles too many times. I know that I’ve speed walked the length of Murray Street three times trying to beat parking meters. At least the parking is cheaper than Melbourne.  And yes we do find the Dan Murphy liquor store, was it left or … Continue reading Go West, Day 41 – Gwelup, Perth