Go West, Day 49 – Coronation Beach

Day 49

Friday 24th April 2015

Coronation Beach

The wind comes in fierce gusts during the night so it’s all hands on deck to get the awning in. Woody wakes early and tries the hot water service again to no avail and now the fridge has gone out because the wind has changed direction. We decamp quickly and head back into Geraldton to Batavia Coast Caravans. In an hour the hot water service problem is identified and a new ignition control board has been installed. The positioning of the control board in a small box on the floor pretty well ensures that it will always get flooded when a hose blows!

IMG_0503 Geraldton
My advice: don’t get these circuit boards wet!

Relieved of a few hundred bucks and a lot of stress we hasten back to Coronation Beach passing anything that looks vaguely like a camper just so that we can retrieve our cherished spot.

The boys spend the afternoon repairing the leg that has broken off the solar panel and we dash in and out of the van re igniting the fridge which seems to only want to run for about 20 minutes at a time.

IMG_0504 Coronation
A fun afternoon on the road, fly spray, beer and the obligatory fly nets.
IMG_0505 Coronation
Double or Nuthin’ learning a thing or two about the vagaries of van fridges

Wind clouds give us a golden sunset and we eat dinner being closely watched by two feral cats that peep out from behind the car wheels.

Lessons learned today: Fly spray is only anaesthetic, they leap back up and fly off as soon as you pick up the broom. When wearing a fly net it is best to lift the net up to eat and drink.

Accom: $12

Travelling Kms: 0 ‘cos we probably can’t count the trip back to Geraldton.

Note: Add hot water service circuit board, fridge issues and broken solar panel leg to the lengthening list of minor issues.


7 thoughts on “Go West, Day 49 – Coronation Beach

    1. They’re not cans Peter, they are stubby holders. We call the beer bottles stubbies. The holders are made from wet suit material and are invaluable when the weather is flamin’ hot. And stubby holders come in two sizes one for cans and one size for stubbies. They are also a perfect advertising medium, thus every pub sells stubby holders with its name and picture emblazoned across them. This makes them desirable collectors items for grey nomads. I’ll guarantee that every caravan will have a cupboard filled with the bloody things!

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