Go West, Day 44 – Nambung Station

Day 44

Sunday 19th April 2015

Nambung Station, Cervantes

Once more I sweep the dead flies, live ants and inert sand out of the van. Ah, life on the road. Nambung has captured our imagination and we’ve decided to stay another day. Whether it is the breeze whispering in the pines, the black cockatoos screeching in the pines or the galahs chattering and kicking the cockies out of the pines, we don’t know, it just has a wonderful feel that makes you feel good. Perhaps it is the view that goes on forever and the cows munching happily in the paddocks. Oh, and there’s plenty of water and good showers too.

We pile into the Jeep and head off down the red dirt towards town when ‘Imelda’ does a U turn because he’s wearing the wrong shoes! We visit Cervantes which is a small lobster fishing village. We count 16 lobster boats in the harbour. Further along the coast is Jurien Bay which is more upmarket with large homes and a modern marina filled with more fishing boats. There are grassy parklands and a superb white sand beach.

Back at camp we light a fire and marvel at the stars.

Accom: $20

Travelling Kms: 0

Jurien Bay, WA
Sunset Nambung Station, Cervantes, WA

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