You’re going where?

Oct 2019

I visit the doctor, a very young fellow since our old family doctor has finally retired, he was bloody old, the same age as me, and I had been nagging him to consider retirement and a life other than peering into other peoples’ crevices. Anyway, back to the young doc, I suggest that my regular appointment should be stretched out a bit as we’re going away. He asks where and rather than confuse him with ‘Whorouly’ which no one seems to have heard of I replace it with Ovens Valley.

The Ovens Valley is quite possibly the most beautiful valley in Victoria. Home to many wineries and one of the country’s largest wine labels, a multitude of BnB’s and a year-round tourist industry because of its snow in winter, vineyards, hiking, biking, mountain streams and lakes in summer and spring, delicious produce and of course pretty autumn leaves.

“Where?” he says. Heaven forbid, did his parents not take him camping as a child?

Spring in Whorouly, Vic

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