Up the Guts – Day 5

Day 5 Wednesday 19/6/19 Murray Bridge to Bordertown

We didn’t sleep all that well. Both our heads were spinning trying to come to terms with the premature end of a long-awaited trip and what we need to pack to get home comfortably.

After a slap up cooked breakfast The Prado’s, Toothless and his Missus head north for Peterborough and it’s a tearful farewell. We concentrate on the job at hand, packing sturdy bags (I’m surprised that I have a wad of them jammed at the back of the bathroom cupboard) with everything we’ll need for the trip home and when we get home, those things that are normally packed on the van last when we are hitting the road. Underwear, Toiletries, medicines, Woody’s hearing aids, a change of clothes and our valuables, the laptop, ipads and of course the ukulele.

Right on time the cab arrives to take us the 100 kms to Adelaide Airport where we pick up the hire car. Surprisingly they give us an upgrade and we drive out in a nice little Mercedes SUV, cool. RACV pick up the first $100 of the almost $197 cab fare.

Enjoying the new wheels we scoot back to Murray Bridge but on the way we stop at Mt Barker for some take away, it’s a cool 6˚ which is a shock after sunny Adelaide. We dash into the garage at Murray Bridge and empty the car of anything else that we’ll need, shoes, sunglasses, spare van keys and the like and return to the caravan.

We empty Woody’s very large car fridge of booze and fill it with the frozen goods from the caravan. Remember, we are at the beginning of the trip and the others had groaning freezers too.

We lock up a forlorn looking Priscilla, mumble a farewell, thank the park managers for holding her without any additional charge and hit the road for home. The Merc is a driver’s dream and by dusk we’re in Bordertown where we call it a day. Who would have thought that we’d end up tucking ourselves in at the Woolpack Inn Hotel, that one that we’d admired just a few days ago. A hearty meal and a few local reds and we’re down for the count.

Summary Day 5, 200Km (plus 200Km return to Adelaide), Camels = 0, Car = 0, Van = 0

I doubt that this one would tow Priscilla

7 thoughts on “Up the Guts – Day 5

  1. Hi when you get back go straight to a Toyota Dealership and buy any Toyota product, I have been following you for a while, and the Jeep product has always been a concern, they tow very well but they are a problem.

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    1. G’day John, we’re still happy with our Jeep. Our mate drives a Toyota Landcruiser and he’s done an engine and a transmission. We figure that we could buy 3 Jeeps for the price of a ‘cruiser.


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