Up the Guts – Day 6

Day 6 Thursday 20/6/19 Bordertown to Melbourne (-1˚Bordertown, 6˚at noon Ballarat, 9.5˚Melbourne)

We wake early, to a white frosty car and the realisation that it doesn’t have heated seats. We have a substantial breakfast and a long invigorating walk in Horsham after having lost half an hour to the time zone change. El Prado rings to say that on the way to Peterborough he put petrol in his diesel tank. They had to unhook the caravan and move it out of the way while the car’s fuel tank was pumped out. In the meantime the service station owner baked muffins for them. What a nice bloke.

We have lunch at a favourite café in Ballarat where even the locals are rugged up and tackle the last leg to home. Gosh the house is cold, but the car is certainly quicker to unload than the van would have been.

Summary Day 6, 510Kms, Camels = 0, Car = 0, Van = 0

Sunrise near Horsham, Vic

8 thoughts on “Up the Guts – Day 6

  1. I hope the car repairs go smoothly, it’s always very, very stressful when you have two vehicles and one breaks down. Hopefully you’ll be back to pick up the van and on you way again soon.


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