A Winter Sojourn – In the beginning

My blog posts are rarely in chronological order, just snippets from our diaries. This time though I’ll take you through a winter trip, from the preparation and planning to the trip itself. About a year ago on a freezing cold afternoon, around a warm fire our travelling mate VeeWee suggested that we should do the Red Centre again. What a jolly good idea. For us it meant another chance to visit Darwin as we’d missed it by a mere 300kms when I broke my ankle back in 2015. There were four vans and if we planned things carefully and arrived … Continue reading A Winter Sojourn – In the beginning

Where you go, I’ll follow

Ever since we met a couple of blokes who were doing east west zig zags across New South Wales (because everyone else seems to travel north and south dashing between Victoria and Queensland) I’m fascinated with the routes that people plan for their trips. Some follow rivers like the Murray from source to sea. Others explore an area like The Cape (Cape York) or the Eyre Peninsula. Many follow the music festivals, oldies kicking up their heels at Tamworth and Gympie and Port Fairy. Yet others tootle about from one gold region to another with metal detectors at the ready. … Continue reading Where you go, I’ll follow

Highway One

Call it what you will. Princes, Pacific, Bruce, Eyre, Bass, Stuart, Great Northern, Savannah Way, but Highway One which encompasses many state highways is 14,500 kms long. It is the longest national highway in the world and known to most as ‘The Big Lap’. In comparison the Trans Siberian Highway is 11,000kms long. From deserts to snow capped mountains, from dry savannah to lush rainforests, from bustling cities to remote outback roadhouses, from multi lane highway to dirt road this is a road that has everything including a lot of roadkill. Source Wikipedia Image By Evad37Original author of GIS data:© … Continue reading Highway One

Around the World

Don’t tell Woody, but we recently chalked up 100,000kms of towing since we retired and bought our first caravan close to 6 years ago. What does that equate to? Well the earth is 40,075kms around at the equator so that makes it roughly two and half times around the earth. Woody usually does about two thirds of the driving and I do the rest and we argue quite a bit over whose turn it is to take the wheel. Our first van was a Viscount Pop Top. When we realised that we really liked this caper but wanted a bathroom … Continue reading Around the World

Exploring the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

We drive up the Blackall Range to Mapleton and then our adventurous GPS takes us down a winding white knuckled cliff hugging dirt road through lush cow paddocks and over many one lane bridges to Kenilworth, a wondrous drive. Where Maleny is arts and crafts and Montville is slick upmarket tourism then Kenilworth is rustic and honest. There is no caravan park but a huge Showgrounds camping area at the bottom end of town. Heading south we pass the green and grassy free camp at Little Yabba Creek and eventually climb back up the ridge to Maleny. Continue reading Exploring the Sunshine Coast Hinterland