Do ye ken? Pardon? What? Eh? Got the gist? Understanding the lingo

When the recently deposed South Australian Premier referred to our Federal politicians as ‘knuckle draggers’ and an electricity generator as having ‘shat itself’ on television a few weeks ago, I thought it maybe worth a look at our own Australian version of English. The Australian vernacular is peppered with some peculiar expressions. When a nation is forged from the meeting of the world’s oldest surviving culture with a bunch of convict outcasts from an over-populated society, well things can only get interesting. Throw in two centuries of refugees and opportunists from another hundred or so countries and you’ll find not … Continue reading Do ye ken? Pardon? What? Eh? Got the gist? Understanding the lingo

A long drive huh?

Mildura is in Victoria’s far north east. Quite possibly its most popular caravan park is the delightful Buronga Caravan Park across the Murray River in Buronga, New South Wales. The park has a laidback holiday feel. The paddle steamers toot toot back and forth all day laden with tourists and there are lovely views of the city of Mildura just across the river. Last winter up on the north coast we have a drink with our neighbours Don and G who are from Mildura and have a shiny new van. They tell us that they checked into nearby Buronga caravan … Continue reading A long drive huh?

Love Thy Neighbour

I’ve just had a lady at the door trying to sell God to me. We haven’t had one of those in a long time more often than not it is an Indian student at the door trying to sell Energy, of the gas or electric kind. We produce our own solar electricity and I’m sure that with a few more lentil salads Woody could take care of our gas requirements. Anyway I bid her a good day and wished her luck in trying to find a buyer. At least she could laugh about the difficulty of her task. Which got … Continue reading Love Thy Neighbour