Mallee Radio

We tend to listen to the radio when we’re driving, ‘though I do find the morning ‘Shock Jocks’ who try to incite fear into their listeners a tad tiresome. The ABC is always a welcome source of knowledge and “Macca on a Sunday” must be the patron saint of Grey Nomads. Sometimes we fluke a local station as pass by and get a feel for life in that area.

Recently we were driving through Victoria’s Mallee region which for those who don’t know it is part of a very large grain growing area. An advertisement came on the radio and my mind locked onto “a single mouse can produce 85 mice in 3 months!!!”

and I thought it took 2 to tango!

Jacques de Gheyn: “Four times a mouse” (en) “Souris dans quatre positions” Source: Wikimedia Commons

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