The Empty Esky Tour, Day 5 – Devenish Hotel

You can’t miss the Devenish Pub when you visit the painted silos because there’s a mouth watering sign telling you that scones, jam and cream are available at the pub behind you. And the hosts are as welcoming as their … Continue reading The Empty Esky Tour, Day 5 – Devenish Hotel

Let’s raise a glass to the Mirrool pub

I was pleased to read recently that the Mirrool Pub is back in business and under new management. For the ‘pub stay’ caravanner using the Newell Highway this is great news because the friendly hamlet of Mirrool provides spotless and modern bathrooms (toilets and showers) along with power and water for a small fee. Across the road is the grand old Royal Hotel from which, as legend has it, is where AFL star Billy Brownless once kicked a footy over the grain silos. For those grey nomads making the trek north in winter there’s a big open fireplace in the … Continue reading Let’s raise a glass to the Mirrool pub

An app addiction

During what a caravanning friend of mine refers to as ‘the quiet time’ I’ve been playing with a rather cute app called Pin365 and logging all the pubs that we’ve had a beer in on our caravanning adventures. Just the caravanning trips, not the casual Sunday lunches around Melbourne and not the places that we’ve visited by ships and planes and without our van Priscilla. Of course, the trouble with computers and statistics is that they always seem to disagree with the old ‘gut feel’ method. Thus, in this enlightened state two things have become blindingly obvious, firstly there are … Continue reading An app addiction

The Portsea Pub

Jan 2020, Portsea, Vic During my working life, on perfect summer days I was often heard to be mumbling “Wouldn’t it be nice to be sitting on the lawn of the Portsea Pub today?”. On the day that I retired, sitting at a waterfront pub the realisation hit me, hey we can go to any waterfront pub in the country now. Of course, it wasn’t long before we discovered the appeal of inland pubs and then we decided that we shouldn’t pass a pretty pub without having a beer. God, there are a lot of pubs in this country. Continue reading The Portsea Pub

When a pub burns down

Gayndah, Qld Found near the footpath in Gayndah, this memorial would bring back so many memories for the local community. After all a large piece of a town’s history is held in the pub. The good times, the bad, the memories and the memorabilia. The footy wins and lossses. The births, the deaths and the wakes. So much beer and so many raspberry lemonades for the kiddies. Continue reading When a pub burns down