If it’s steak you want

This may come as a surprise but some nights when we’re sitting about chatting the topic of food comes up and when it does there’s always a lot of shouting and dreamy looks as we remember a night in Mudgee. It was a freezing cold winter’s night back in 2017 and VeeWee, Woody and I were in one of our favourite towns, Mudgee, NSW. We were all longing for a good steak and the Lawson Park Hotel nearby advertised that they had pretty good steaks.

Rugged up in winter woollies we trundled off hoping, just hoping, that the meal would satisfy those longings. Centre stage in The Red Heifer Bistro was a mouth-watering array of steaks and a grill. We could cook them ourselves or have the chef do the work for us. Of course, the sight of an open fire and a good steak and one’s heart turns to red wine. We only chose a house red but to our delight it was a locally grown one and of course we were in the Mudgee wine region. By the time the steaks hit the grill VeeWee and I were swooning over the wine (Black Shiraz) and wondering where we could buy a case. And the steak? Well, we voted it the best ever. Next day we found the shiraz and added a box to the mobile cellar.

Lawson Park Hotel, Mudgee, NSW

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