Follow the Sun, Day 13 – Tannum Sands

Day 13 26/7/2019, Friday Bundaberg to Tannum Sands 16 – 25 It’s a perfect night for sleeping and we wake to birds singing and a warm dry morning. While we’re eating breakfast there’s a knock on the door. It’s Harry the caretaker, we’ve parked in the wrong spot. Oops, sorry Harry but it’s a bit late now as we’ll be gone in a half hour.  Nearby Cedars Road drops steeply to a one lane bridge over the Burnett River then upwards through sugar cane farms, macadamias, mangoes, paw paw, zucchini and strawberries. I doubt that most Australians realise how much … Continue reading Follow the Sun, Day 13 – Tannum Sands

Follow the Sun, Day 11 – Cooroy

Day 11, 24/7/2019 Wednesday Palm Beach to Cooroy, sunny 25 Yet another glorious morning, this sure beats winter in Melbourne. We want to get out of the traffic noise, but we must wait for the peak traffic to go through. The perfect Catch 22 situation. It’s an easy run up the motorway and we wave to Brisbane city as we cross the Gateway Bridge. She’s a beautiful city but we’re not visiting with a caravan on the back. We peel off the Bruce Highway at Yandina in search of …pineapple jam. Having eaten last year’s supplies we’re hoping that the … Continue reading Follow the Sun, Day 11 – Cooroy

Follow the Sun, Day 10, Palm Beach

Day 10, 23/7/2019 Tuesday, Palm Beach 24 sunny Every time the traffic stopped last night I woke up. If we stay here any longer we’ll be mentally in synch with the Gold Coast traffic light system. A woman in the loo sounded like she was herfing (gee, that one confused MS Word) up a cane toad and now I know why some women only use their own onboard bathrooms. A couple are parking their motor home near us and they ask where the sun rises. Like hello, we’re on the east coast of Australia and we’re metres from the Pacific … Continue reading Follow the Sun, Day 10, Palm Beach

Follow the Sun, Day 9 – Ay?

Day 9, 22/7/2019 Monday, Palm Beach, clear 22 The traffic wakes us at around 5:00am by 6:00 we give up, get up and put the washing on. The long range weather report on TV is for a week of sunny weather. To quote our optimistic Prime Minister “How good is this?”.  Woody takes the car for a tub to wash the dust off. The far end of this park is well away from the highway noise with shady creek front sites. I reckon that we should get the Dumb and Dumber award for not checking first for the location of … Continue reading Follow the Sun, Day 9 – Ay?

Follow the Sun, Day 6 – Nindigully

Day 6, Friday 19/7/2019 Lightning Ridge – Nindigully, 6 – 18 Our fingers are cold but it is a glorious morning. Small red ant hills are dotted through the Mulga scrub. The road is quiet, a few wandering sheep and a lot of roadkill, all kangaroos. The crows are busy feasting on the carcasses. We cross into Queensland at Hebel and notice that the iconic pub now allows RV camping, good on ‘em. Around Dirranbandi there are Roos feeding on the roadside grass and a lot of roadkill. We pull up out front of the Nindigully Pub beside the Moonie … Continue reading Follow the Sun, Day 6 – Nindigully

Follow the Sun Day 5 – Lightning Ridge

Day 5, Thursday 18/7/2019 Lightning Ridge 8 – 18 A lay day lie in, aah heaven. We potter about and do a few chores, like filling the water tanks as we’ve got two freedom camps ahead of us. We buy a new bucket in town as the holey one is of little use, unless we want to call it a basket that is. Lightning Ridge is a funny town that you either love or hate and we love it, so much so that three years ago we spent a week here. It is best described as semi desert as little … Continue reading Follow the Sun Day 5 – Lightning Ridge