Caravans in Backyards

January 2022

Have you noticed the number of houses that have a caravan in the yard? They’re not so noticeable in the cities where people often store their vans at specialised storage yards, but out in the countryside where nearly every farmhouse has a caravan behind the shed. There it is out the back, just waiting for a long weekend or a chance to get away. To head for the coast or go water skiing up the river, or a spot of fishing or, maybe just a handy spare room for when the family rocks up at Xmas.

This little Roma is not roaming

8 thoughts on “Caravans in Backyards

  1. In many of our municipalities, they have passed laws that don’t let you store a rec vehicle at your home. I think it has become a good business for farmers (near these cities) to store trailers!


  2. There’s a big motorhome up a street near us and I’m always happy to see it disappear because it means the folks are away enjoying themselves but it never seems to go for more than a few days.


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